Wednesday, May 5, 2010

canCerous FoodS / ProduCt

  • InstanT noodleS
DeaR inStanT noodle Lovers ( its mE !!).... Make SurE U Break FoR aT leASt 3 Days AftEr onE sessIoN of InsTanT nooDles Be4 U eaT uR next PackeT.. Why? Because InsTant nooDle haVe Wax.. The wax is not JusT in the StyroFoam conTainerS but It Coats the Noodles. This is y the insTant nooDles Do NoT stiCk to EaCh oTher WheN cooKinG. Our BoDy will neEd up To 2 DayS to CleaR thE waX.

  • SaTaY (barBeCuE)

If U all EaT saTay, DoNt eVa 4GeT to eaT the CuCuMbeR, BecauSe EatinG saTaY 2geTheR wiTh carbOn AftEr berBequiNg Can CausE canCer. BuT we hv a CuRe 4 dat.. CucuMBer shoUld Be Eaten afTer we eaT sataY becaUse saTay hV CarcinoGen (a canCer Causing eLemeNt) buT cucuMber is aNti-caRciNogenic.

  • PraWns & VitamIn C
Do Not Eat ShrimP / PrawN if U hV jusT takeN vitaMin C Pills. This will Cause u to Die in ArseNic (As) toxicatioN withiN houRs..

  • ShamPoo
Make sure Ur Shampoo do not hV SodiUm LauReth SulfatE or SLS. (u CaN cheCk it at IngredienTs ListeD on Ur Shampoo BoTtle)


  1. mkn instant mi xpe.. tpi kne buang air lembutkn mi tu n tuko air baru utk kuah.. sbb mi tu yg adr wax ngn pengawet..

  2. ohw... thanks k.yana for da info... mean sy dah boley makan tiap2 hari.. nyum2..